Andaman Express India Pvt Ltd Blog Latest Products Thu, 25 Jul 2024 09:43:56 +0530 en-us 5 Important Factors to Consider For Finding The Reliable Courier Service Provider Fri, 29 May 2020 16:09:18 +0530 Courier services are beneficial services which benefit by transporting items or products of several categories that are required to be transported immediately, safely or unnoticeably. The things one usually need to be couriered is something valuable like- bank drafts, mail order items, legal, commercial documents, films and tapes, gift packs, artwork or fragile items like showpieces of glass, mobile, laptops or monitors.Assigning the job of delivering your valuable goods to a courier service provider in India is a critical task. It will not only relieve you for hassle-free production but will also help you focus on other core jobs as well. But, before you select any general courier service provider nearby for critical or commercial deliveries, make sure that the name is your correct choice.Consider the following factors before moving forward with any courier service provider:#1 Availability on a single callIf your service provider sets limitations on its accessibilities for collection your parcels or items, then you should say no and search for a better option. A dependable courier company is readily available round the clock 24*7 and has several local delivery outlets. If it has a competent chain of representatives to listen to your demand. Then you can rest assured to have on-time delivery of your products.#2 know the weight limit in advanceSometimes, a standard courier service provider does not elucidate the maximum weight of parcels they can deliver. This eventually creates a lot of confusion while packaging and before final delivery. Thus, clarify the limitation of the weight of a package they can deliver before signing the final agreement.#3 Ability to track your deliveryWe all know the importance of time. So time management is the dominant factor in the process of delivery. Any kind of delay and lack of access to delivery updates are just not acceptable. They should be able to give minute-to-minute updates of your parcels. They must offer to track your delivery via app, website, email or phone. You would know the exact time when your product will be delivered. This is an essential deciding factor.#4 Get insurance for your packageInsurance of your deliverables before signing the agreement is a must. This helps ensure that in case your package is damaged, misplaced or goes lost, you can claim for the loss. As soon as the courier company provides insurance to your package, its responsibility towards you is ensured, and you get to know that your products are in safe hands.#5 Choose among the best list onlineMake down a list of top 10 courier service providers in India online. Consider their customer reviews, previous experience and the categories of service they provide to judge their credibility. Compare prices also and then decide the best one.In the hard-core competitive business world, handling everything single-handedly from acquiring raw material, making goods to delivering the final commodities is quite challenging.As per the expert’s advice, the task of transporting final products to your customer should be assigned to a courier company in India. This helps any business person focus on other vital functions.But don’t forget to compare and evaluate first to pick the best courier service provider in the market. A Handy Travel Guide to visit Shimla Fri, 26 Jun 2020 12:35:12 +0530 Shimla was the first choice of the British Indian government to get established as a summer gateway. At an altitude of 2205 meters, this beautiful hill retreat was declared the summer capital then. If you visit Shimla, you will certainly witness the dashes of colonial past quiet apparent here. The natural beauty surrounded by the oak and pine forests and its rich cultural heritage make this holiday retreat even more attractive today.What to see?Mall Road – this is definitely the lifeline of the town. All activities in Shimla are performed surrounding this main road. Tourists and locals often gather at the restaurants and shops on the Mall Road.Viceregal Lodge – this ancient colonal building was the adobe of British Viceroy of India during 1888. Today, you can visit here to see the artifacts, books and photograph collection.Rothney Castle – it was the home of the British Octavian Hume who founded National Congress in the year 1885. It is a private property on Jakhoo Hill.Christ Church – situated on the Ridge, this Christ church is a popular landmark of the city. It is the 2nd oldest church of the country which was established in the year 1857. It is a perfect example of neo-Gothic architecture standing with its grandeur.Scandal Point – the name of the place suggests its historical background. At this place, Maharaja of Patiala fled with the girl of then British Viceroy. And, the couple got banished from the hill city.The Ridge – this place is the center of attraction between Jakhoo Hills and Observatory. In fact, it is the center of the city. It holds the library, church and statue of father of the nation. All the functions, festivals and fairs of Shimla are held here.Jakhoo Hill – a 30 minutes trek from Shimla and this half an hour journey is worth to make. You can also use the ropeway to reach there. The climb is finished at the Jakhoo Temple.Gaiety Theatre – it was first time opened to its audience in the year 1887. It was famous for holding dramatic arts performances. The cultural heritage of Gaiety is still continues and shows are performed here even today.Best time to visit:Shimla is the hill station which can be visited anytime of the year as per your convenience. Shimla tour packages from New Delhi can be an easy help to plan a trip here.March – June: these are summer months. Maximum temperature ranges between 25 - 30°C.July – October: this is monsoon time.November – February: this is winter here. Snowfall happens at December and the place a wonderland.How to reach?By air – you need to reach Chandigarh airport which is the nearest airport (115 km away) to Shimla.By road – Shimla is well connected via roadways to various major cities of India such as Delhi (340 km away). You can ride on any HRTC (Himachal Road transport Corporation) buses or hire a private cab to Shimla from Delhi. Various budget Shimla tour packages from New Delhi are also available for couple and group booking.By train – Kalka – Shimla toy train is one of the best attractions here. To reach Kalka, you need to ride on Kalka Shatabdi Express from Delhi. Uttarkashi – Visit the Spirituality Thu, 13 Aug 2020 12:35:01 +0530 The sacred hill town Uttarkashi beside the flowing River Bhagirathi is the heartthrob of every adventure-seeker and all the nature lovers. Truly, spirituality is revisited here! This town offers a divine experience by including a range of Hindu pilgrimage places which all together vibrate a positive aura around the place. And, of course, adventure quotient of the place is just incomplete without mentioning about Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. It gives an adrenaline rush to the mountaineering-lovers. If you truly want to learn rock climbing, trekking or want to build a career in mountaineering, NIM is your place. Uttarkashi is the base of various trekking tours in the district.The beauty of the place lies in the dense dark forest enriched green valleys and patronizing snow-laded mountain tops. And, the hilly streams twisting through the Uttarkashi villages just add a cherry to the cake.Travel guide to Uttarkashi:If you want an exhilarating holiday through the hills, Uttarkashi is worth a visit. Except for beautiful and serene nature, camping and trekking experiences can be a bonus!Best time to visit –For a comfortable and enjoyable holidaying here, book Uttarkashi holiday tour packages during the summer or autumn season. Various festivals are celebrated those times here with full glory. April – June is considered the best time for trekking and local sightseeing.Things to do –If you are looking for activities, there are many options for you such as rock climbing, mountaineering, water rafting, cliff jumping and trekking. And, there are many places to visit including a national park, serene lakes, hot water spring, beautiful glaciers, and many more pleasant sightseeing options. In fact, there are a number of religious places too which remain crowded by the Hindu pilgrims every year.Some popular visits include –• Dodi Tal – this serene lake is situated at 3307 meter height. It is believed that Lord Ganesha was born in this place which is naturally covered with rhododendron, oak and deodar trees.• Barsu Village – it is the base of Dayara Bugyal trekking tour.• Maneri Dam – this beautiful natural dam combines straight with River Bhagirathi.• Gangotri – it is popular as one of chota char dham of India. this place has the temple of Goddess Durga. The River Ganga originates here from a glacier.• Harsil – adventure lovers must visit here. This gem of UK is a dream place for the fun activists to enjoy biking, trekking, etc.• Dayara Bugyal – at 3038 meter height, this place is blessed with rising and falling paddocks.How to reach Uttarkashi?When you book Uttarkashi holiday tour packages, the travel agency takes care of your travel and stay. It is very easy to reach here. You can choose from rail, air or bus routes to travel.By air – take a flight to Dehradun which is 145 km away from Uttarkashi. After reaching there, you can hire a taxi or ride on a local bus.By rail – you need to drop at Dehradun railway station and hire a taxi from there to reach Uttarkashi.By road – either hire a cab or ride on a bus to reach here. Bus services are easy available from various cities of India to reach UK.Enjoy!